Workshops + Activities 2014

Browse 2014 – Workshops on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

(All day interactive workshops for all ages)


An Experimental Animation Project

with Guest Artist Lois Siegel

Film Director, Writer, Still Photographer, Educator, Fiddler

Lois Siegel is a freelance film director, writer, and photographer. She also plays fiddle, bodhran and spoons with The Lyon Street Celtic Band, Celtic North, and Sens Unique. Naturally, she won’t quit her day job teaching
 Video Production at the University of Ottawa, 
Department of Communication. Siegel’s film STUNT PEOPLE* (featuring the Fournier family) won a 1990 Genie Award: Best Short Documentary from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Her film Baseball Girls is featured at the National Film Board of Canada and is currently available there online.

(Stunt People vignette can be seen at the Fest)

About The Project :

Cameraless films have a long tradition as an experimental art form. The World Arts Film Festival has invited artist Lois Siegel to Jacksonville! Lois will show films by legendary filmmaker Norman McLaren (National Film Board of Canada) and discuss animation techniques for creating your own section in this festival-long collaborative creation.

Project is open to all ages daily on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

*Please note that as part of the activity, we use a pointed scraper tool to remove the emulsion from the film before adding color. Other options are available, any age or ability can participate.

The finished film will be available to view online after completion.


Improv Acting Workshop

with Guest Artist  Justin Dayne Register

Teaching artists will lead the three-day festival workshop.

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Image 175

Personal Narratives

with Yvette Hyater-Adams

Two workshops with artist are scheduled at 2 pm and 6 pm. Participants must pre-register. There is no additional cost to register for this workshop.


Sight & Sound Environment

with Damien Lamar

About the project: A time-traveler visits earth now and in the future. Music, ambient sounds and images created by the artist and collaborators.