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November 2nd, 3rd and 4th



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May 3-5th, 2017

World Arts Film Festival, Jacksonville, FL

Venue: WJCT PBS-Television Studios

100 Festival Park Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202

November 26, 2016


Special Screening in Ottawa, Canada with guest speaker, Q & A


The Bytowne Cinema

325 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1N 5Y4

Date: November 26, 2016

Time: 2-4 pm

Free and Open to the public.

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Family-friendly program (age 12 or older suggested)



Session 1:

Founder and Festival Director, Karen Douglass Sadler will introduce the program and a series of short film selections from the World Arts Film Festival collection:

Pouring Colors   (4:00 mins. USA)

Director: Students from Douglas Anderson High School of the Arts

The film follows a group of children with autism during a hands-on art-making workshop with museum educators. The finished artwork depicted in this film was part of an annual exhibition at a museum to support autism awareness in the local community. The Pouring Colors film project is part of the World Arts Film Festival’s permanent collection.

Light of the Genji   (10:00 mins. USA/Japan)

Director: Emily Driscoll

The Genji fireflies of Kyushu, Japan. A documentary about efforts to protect fireflies and their ‘languages of light’ from artificial night lighting. 

El Lago   (4:00 mins. USA)

Director: Jennifer Nicole Stang

A woman dreams about a lake from the top of a mountain. She wants to get closer to the water but finds she can’t move. And only until she discovers the truth within, will she truly find what she desires.

InSight  (6:00 mins. USA)

Director: Students from Douglas Anderson High School of the Arts

A short film made by high school film students visiting The Florida School for the Deaf and The Blind on the day students in Ms. Prater’s class were learning how to take photographs. Post-production footage from WJCT-PBS Television interview with the student film crew is featured.

F is for Freedom   (5:00 mins. USA)

Director: Theo Taplitz

This film is a kind of modern day fairy-tale about a boy who will do anything to get away from a bad grade. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Wes Anderson.

Tourniquet by Hem   (4:00 mins USA)

Director: Jordan Bruner

A fox escapes to the city to pursue his dreams. When he arrives the animated cityscapes are inhabited by anthropomorphic townspeople meant to symbolize functioning in society while maintaining one’s own primal desires and need to survive.

An Unusual Map   (4 mins. France)

Director: Loup Blaster

 A music video for Hibou Blaster is inspired by tribal art aesthetics and mystic beliefs from different locations. The film enjoys topics such as sensorial experience, the influence of dreams and childhood memories. Through the music, it is bringing to images something we have deep inside, wishes and emotions. 

Q & A with Karen Sadler

Session 2:

Program from the Make A Film Foundation


Love Life, Dream Big, Be Positive The Magic Bracelet Documentary (19:00 mins. USA)

Producer: Tamika Lamison

This behind-the-scenes documentary will precede the screening of the film The Magic Bracelet. This film was created by the Make A Film Foundation to fulfill the wish of 15-year old Rina Goldberg whose final words to her mom before she died of Mitochondrial disease were ‘Promise to take care of my film.’

The film stars Bailee Madison (Parental Guidance, Bridge to Terrabitha), Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect 2), J. K. Simmons (Oscar winner-Whiplash, Breaking Bad), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight series), James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek), Kaitlin Doubleday (Empire) and Scarlett Estevez (Daddy’s Home). Film is directed by Jon Poll (Charlie Bartlett). Script adapted by Diablo Cody (Oscar Winner – Juno) from the original story written by Rina Goldberg.

The Magic Bracelet  (16:00 mins. USA)

Director: Jon Poll

‘The Magic Bracelet’ mysteriously links best friends Angela, Ashley and a cheese-obsessed dog. When Ashley inherits a totem bracelet from a friend who died of Mitochondrial Disease – the same illness she herself battles – it leads the girls on a mystical journey of discovery in which a new level of friendship, family and healing is revealed.

Q & A with Karen Sadler

Closing remarks and recognitions.

About Us

The World Arts Film Festival highlights the creativity of a new generation of filmmakers inviting both established masters and first-time directors. As part of World Arts’ global educational outreach, the festival brings diverse groups of filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds, including those with special needs, to meet and mentor each other and their audiences through this new venue. Created by individuals in New York, Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida and supported by a growing network of advisors around the world, the World Arts Film Festival is dedicated to communication and a message of inclusion through the arts, film and new media in education.

Karen Douglass Sadler, Founder and Director of World Arts is formerly of Montreal, Canada. Sadler holds a degree from Concordia University and is currently at New York University completing graduate work in Cinema Studies.  A film industry veteran, Sadler has produced many commercials, music videos, and short film projects. She founded World Arts in 2013.

Make A Film Foundation, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization grants film wishes to children with serious or life-threatening medical conditions, helping them to create short film legacies by teaming them with noted actors, directors, and writers. Founder, Tamika Lamison, is an award-winning producer and also works with the Academy of Motion Picture  Arts and Sciences (Oscars) to promote film education. Lamison joined Sadler at the World Arts Film Festival in 2014 when the festival honored her film, The Magic Bracelet, and lead actress Bailee Madison. 

The two producers now collaborate on World Arts Film productions with a number of projects slated for 2017.

(Please note that guests may be added at a later date)

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